A modest selection of photographs featuring our stainless steel mailbox in a variety of settings and applications. Based on the shape of a classic invitation envelope, our mailbox blends easily with most architectural styles. How to avoid telling those Break & Enter scouting parties 'We're out all day' Nvelope makes it easier for your household to exchange non-mail objects with family, friends or business. This page offers a few customer testimonials on their Nvelope's ability to protect everything - whether it's candlesticks or Maine lobster. Nvelope makes it easier for your home based business to dispatch and receive full-size courier envelopes. Large enough and dry enough to protect your company's shippable assets. What the VIRTU 10 Design Jury said about the Nvelope mailbox: 'There are not many new mailboxes in the market today. This is a refreshing and humorous approach to an old function. A few of our earlier mail reception ideas that our attorney found recently while weeding her filing cabinet. ASIDE from mail (which increasingly is being delivered to neighborhood cluster-boxes or super-boxes a short distance [read: 'drive' (!)] away from the home) there's a whole world of objects that can and will arrive at (or depart from) your door. How to get in touch with us to request information on Nvelope mailbox pricing, retailers, new products and more. Custom made address numbers for home or business in any style (font), height and thickness of your choice. Our most popular material is stainless steel. Available in 4 to 12 inch heights. 1/2, 3/4 & 1" thicknesses.