O B J E C T lessons

Our early retail packages contained the offer of a free stainless steel letter opener in exchange for household information & an answer to the question - "What's the most unusual N-mail you have dispatched or received?"
Here are a few to consider:
The day of our third anniversary my husband found a candelabra, 3 candles, 2 champagne flutes and a 3-pack of airline-size Henckell Trocken after I sent him out to check the mailbox. (Yes, I put them there.)
Denise Evens - Gainesville, FL

Before I had a business that nows keeps me home on weekends, I'd go to the cottage and if the weather was bad - watch the '6 movies for 6 days' in two days. Back at home Sunday night I'd put all 6 video cassettes straight into my mailbox. A few hours later my neighbor would pick them up after his late shift in the emergency ward & watch movies until sunrise.
Jim Saint Ives - Regina, SK

My cousin owns a specialty food store and can't always clear his inventory by the optimum due dates. Last January I came home from work to find a lobster, a rainbow trout and half a wheel of Cambozola in the Nvelope.
H. Nelles - Brantford, ON

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